In April 2016, we were invited to participate in the John Michael Kohler Art Center’s ExAir program. For this, we built a full-scale version of the porch from a small model farmhouse that we originally created for an installation titled Farmsteadthat was shown at INOVA Gallery (now closed) in 2006. The farmhouse has since become an icon in our work, and an epicenter for ideation. 

The full-scale version of the porch was built as a “blank” structure, devoid of references to real building methods, and reduced to simple white geometry. This blank porch represents the absence of a connection to the ancestral homestead, and the unsettling feeling that accompanies this dislocation. 

Toward the end of the residency, we used the porch as a film set for The Inhabitants, an ongoing film project in collaboration with Milwaukee filmmaker Tate Bunker.